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Call for proposals for Organised Sessions

Submission deadline: extended to 10 March 2019

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Proposals for ‘Organised Sessions’ can be initiated and coordinated by a national society member of FESTMIH, or any other organisation, institution, consortium or a group of investigators. Organised Sessions should have a specific scientific focus and will be integrated in, and relevant to one of the scientific tracks in the regular programme (morning or afternoon sessions) with a maximum duration of 90 minutes. The outline and the abstracts of the presentations within Organised Sessions will be subject to the ECTMIH scientific peer review system.

ECTMIH levies no fee for organised sessions and the number of slots is limited. The slots will be awarded competitively on the basis of a proposal along a standard template. The registration fees, travel, boarding and attendance costs of speakers and participants should normally be covered by the organisers or the contributors. Limited support could be available on a case-by-case basis, with priority for speakers from low or middle countries.

The format of an Organised Session would normally include four to six presentations followed by questions and discussion. However alternative or combined formats will also be considered e.g. panel discussion and debates.  

The abstracts of the presentations should be submitted together by using the template for Organised Sessions. These abstracts must follow the regular abstract format. In case of non-approval or cancellation of the Organised Session, the Organised Session abstracts will be evaluated on their individual merit and may be integrated in a regular session.

Proposals will be assessed by the scientific committee on the basis of quality and relevance, taking into account diversity and representativeness.

Organisers will be notified of the acceptance of the proposal by 15 May 2019. After acceptance, any changes to the proposal should be submitted for approval to the Scientific Committee.

Submission Instructions

When submitting your proposal online you will be asked to complete the following fields:

  1. Select track and subtrack in which your proposal belongs
  2. Title of the proposed Organised Session
  3. Purpose and objective (max. 100 words)
  4. Format (presentations, debate, round table discussion, etc.)
  5. Proposed timing for the session (max 90 minutes)
  6. Expected number of attendees
  7. Special remarks or requests (AV needs, set-up, preferred presentation date, etc.)
  8. Upload your proposal as a Word file in English – please use the template

The uploaded form must contain:

  1. Title of the proposed Organised Session
  2. Organising institution(s): individual name(s), institution, organisation, consortium and addresses
  3. Session chair(s): name, affiliation, addresses
  4. Speakers: names, affiliations, address, title, emails, funding of attendance
  5. Abstracts of the proposed talks (written according to the Author Guidelines

Download the template for the submission of an Organised Session.

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You can re-enter your personal submission page any time and follow up on the status of your submission(s).

When accessing the online platform for the first time, you will be asked to register as a new user.

When uploading your proposal for an Organised Session you can either:

  • ‘Save and Continue Later’: in this case you can revise your proposal at a later stage (access with your login details)
  • ‘Save and Submit’: in this case your submission is final and your proposal can no longer be revised.

Your proposal is only uploaded successfully when you receive an automatic reply confirming your submission.

Important Notes:

When submitting a proposal for an Organised Session, please bear in mind:

  • that organisers/chairs/presenters are NOT exempted from paying the registration fee
  • that a notification email will be sent by 15 May 2019
  • that the organisers/chairs/presenters must register online by 15 June 2019

Please note that "Organised Sessions" are different from the sponsored "Satellite Symposia" that will be hosted, planned and funded by organisations or companies during lunch or evening breaks.

Submit your proposal for an Organised Session here.

For all organised session technical queries, please email Els: