Scientific Tracks

Overarching theme – 25 years: investigation, innovation and implementation

Track 1: prevention

  • Innovations in biomedical sciences for new disease prevention strategies
  • New product development for disease prevention
  • Innovation in implementation of disease prevention for elimination or sustainable control

Track 2: treatment/patient care 

  • Management of common diseases in remote areas
  • Emerging diseases
  • Primary health care and minimal curative care
  • Specific disease areas including malaria, TB and HIV
  • NTDs and NCDs including diabetes, hypertension
  • Community diagnosis and care for all disease areas
  • Diseases in travellers and migrants

Track 3: One Health and Early Careers 

  • One Health half-track
  • PLEASE NOTE the Early Careers track has changed. This will no longer be abstract driven but will be a day and half of interactive and engaging workshops, including curated discussions and mentoring. There will be a tick box to register your interest in this on the registration page. Those abstracts previously submitted will still be reviewed and allocated to other relevant tracks. 

Track 4: health systems 

  • Health and policy system development
  • Changing health population profiles including resilience to outbreaks, refugees and internally displaced persons,
  • Innovations in funding including health insurance, models for health systems in-country, internal and external funding, problems of catastrophic health expenditure

Track 5: age-related healthcare 

  • Maternal and child health
  • Adolescent health 
  • Elderly and end of life care

Track 6: external factors influencing future health 

  • Climate change
  • The built environment
  • Economic factors incorporating health economics
  • Populations dynamics incorporating population movement and population growth
  • Health and the digital world incorporating data and artificial intelligence